The road to innovation is a relentless pursuit.


The CIO Strategy Council is not for the faint of heart. We are disruptors. We are innovators in our companies and organizations, embracing digital, embracing change, and championing new innovations. We  provide a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking Chief Information Officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping, and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem.

Pillars of Activity


Our meetings, held every quarter, are an opportunity to engage thought leaders and experts in a forum for discussion and sharing in fields of interest such as cybersecurity, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.


We tackle the big issues that keep CIOs up at night, providing insightful guidance and insights that enable them to sleep a little easier. No issue to big or too small. The members set the research agenda on an annual basis.


Who better to pilot innovative and disruptive Canadian technologies than our members? We are committed to innovation and super jazzed about Canadian innovation that helps our businesses and solves our problems.


In our effort to support the Canadian ICT ecosystem, we work on the creation of standards in our industry. This is paramount to our competitive edge.

Leadership Team

Keith Jansa

Executive Director

Jim Balsillie

Co-Chair and Co-Founder

Marc Brouillard


Alex Benay

Co-Founder and Past Co-Chair


The Great-West Life
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Sun Life Financial


Are you a CIO leading your company or organization through digital transformation? Are you passionate about the role of IT in your business? Are you pushing the envelope for change? Interested in joining us on this journey? Please reach out to our Executive Director Keith Jansa