Weigh in on National Standards for a Health Data and Information Capability Framework

The CIO Strategy Council invites stakeholders to provide input on a new national standard for a health data and information capability framework. The standard will provide guidance to health information organizations on the collection, use, storage, protection, and distribution of data.

The draft is available for public review until October 29.

The standard helps health information organizations assess their health data and information (HDI) capabilities, such as access, privacy, and security. It specifies minimum standards for carrying out organizational self-assessments as well as network alignment assessments to help multiple agencies measure the consistency of their HDI capabilities.

“Collecting and sharing health data and information while ensuring that Canadians’ privacy and personal information is protected is a critical priority for Canada,” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council.

In 2020, the CIO Strategy Council’s Standards Policy Committee tasked the Council’s Technical Committee on Data Governance with developing this standard.

For more information or any questions about the Council’s standards development activities, please contact Matthew MacNeil, Director of Standards and Technology.

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