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The CIO Strategy Council has established technical committees that continue to work diligently under the governance of the Council’s Standards Policy Committee on the development of standards that address the foremost issues in Canada’s ICT ecosystem.

The CIOSC Work Program for each technical committee is available below.

To see the status of the standards, a copy of the CIO Strategy Council’s Project Stage Codes is available here.

Please note that this page is updated on a weekly basis.

CIOSC Standards No.TitleTechnical Committee (TC)International Standards used as the basisStage CodeStage Code Start DatePublic Review Start DatePublic Review End DateICS Code
CAN/CIOSC 100-nSeries of standards for data governanceTC 1: Data governance--20.002019-06-05----35.020
CAN/CIOSC 100-1Data governance – Part 1: Data protection of digital assetsTC 1: Data governance--90.202021-05-0535.030
CAN/CIOSC 100-2Data governance – Part 2: Third party access to dataTC 1: Data governance--90.202021-05-0535.020
CAN/CIOSC 100-3Data governance – Part 3: Privacy enhancing data de-identification frameworkTC 1: Data governance-- 40.002021-04-272021-01-252021-03-2635.020
CIOSC/PAS 100-4Data governance – Part 4: Specification for Scalable Remote Access InfrastructureTC 1: Data governance--60.602020-11-10 ----35.020; 35.030
CAN/CIOSC 100-5Data governance – Part 5: Health data and information capability frameworkTC 1: Data governance-- 30.002020-09-25----35.240.80
CAN/CIOSC 100-6Data governance – Part 6: Responsible collection and use of digital contact tracing and monitoring data in the workplaceTC 1: Data governance-- 30.602021-05-192021-03-192021-05-1835.240.80
CAN/CIOSC 100-7Data Governance – Part 7: Operating model for responsible data stewardshipTC 1: Data governance--30.002021-04-01--35.020; 35.030
CAN/CIOSC 100-8Data Governance – Part 8: Framework for Geo-Residency and SovereigntyTC 1: Data governance--20.002020-12-03----35.020; 35.030
CAN-CIOSC 100-9Data Governance – Part 9: Zero Copy IntegrationTC 1: Data governance--30.002021-07-27----35.020; 35.030
CAN/CIOSC 101Ethical design and use of automated decision systemsTC 2: Ethical design and use of automated decision systems--90.602021-05-2603.100.02; 35.020; 35.240.01
CIOSC 102Qualification and certification of big data and machine learning personnelTC 3: Digital Skills--20.982021-06-29----03.100; 35.020
CAN/CIOSC 112National Occupational Standard for CybersecurityTC 3: Digital Skills--20.002021-06-29----03.100.30; 03.180; 35.240.90
CAN/CIOSC 103-1Digital trust and identity – Part 1: FundamentalsTC 4: Digital trust and identity--60.602020-09-022020-04-172020-05-1735.030
CAN/CIOSC 103-2Digital identity and trust – Part 2: Delivery of health care services TC 4: Digital trust and identity--40.002021-05-122021-03-082021-05-0735.030
CAN/CIOSC 103-3Digital trust and identity – Part 3: Digital credentialsTC 4: Digital trust and identity--30.002021-03-08----35.030
CAN/CIOSC 103-4Digital trust and identity – Part 4: Digital walletsTC 4: Digital trust and identity--20.002020-12-16----35.030
CAN/CIOSC 104Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Small and Medium OrganizationsTC 5: Cybersecurity--30.602021-04-022021-02-012021-04-0103.100.70;
CAN/CIOSC 105Cybersecurity of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and systemsTC 5: Cybersecurity--20.002020-04-21----25.040.40; 35.030
CAN/CIOSC 106Series of standards for the discovery and management of digital twins for built environmentsTC 6: Connected Cities-- 20.002020-08-24----25.040.40; 35.240.50
CAN/CIOSC 106-1 Connected Cities – Part 1: Discovery of Digital Twins for built environmentsTC 6: Connected Cities--30.002020-11-30 -- --25.040.40; 35.240.50
CAN/CIOSC 107Testing and proving grounds for autonomous vehiclesTC 7: Autonomous and connected vehicles--20.982021-06-29----43.020
CAN/CIOSC 108-1 Agile and open procurement of digital solutionsTC 8: Modern Procurement--30.002020-08-24----03.100.10
CAN/CIOSC 109-1Qualification and proficiency of privacy and access control professionalsTC 9: Privacy and Access Control--30.002021-02-11----03.100.30
CAN/CIOSC 109-2Canadian Information Privacy Protection FrameworkTC 9: Privacy and Access Control--30.002020-10-26----03.100.02
CAN/CIOSC 110-xSeries of standards on consumer directed finance (Open Banking)TC 10: Open Banking--30.002021-03-19----03.060; 35.020; 35.030
CAN/CIOSC 111-xSeries of standards supporting the implementation of online electoral voting in CanadaTC 11: Online Electoral Voting--30.002021-02-11----35.020
CAN/CIOSC 113Design and operation of Digital Assets and Non-Fungible-TokensTC12: Digital Assets and Non-Fungible-Tokens--20.002021-06-29----35.030; 35.040; 35.240.40; 35.240.99
CIOSC/TS 114Technical Specification for Agricultural Blockchain – Traceability of Canola Through the Canadian Supply ChainAgricultural Blockchain TC--30.002021-08-04----35.030; 35.040; 35.240.40; 35.240.99
CIOSC/TS 115National Technical Specification for digital credentials and digital trust servicesDigital Credentials Technical Specification TC--20.002021-08-05----35.030
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