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CIO Strategy Council and Deloitte Canada partner to launch new monthly webcast series geared towards Canada’s global competitiveness

In our continuous effort to improve Canada’s global competitiveness, the CIO Strategy Council is pleased to be partnering up with Deloitte Canada and launch our new monthly webcast series called “Conversations with Tech Leaders shaping the Future of Canada”.   Each week we will explore a different topic or issue of concern. This upcoming Wednesday, September 30th at 12:00 AM EST, join us on

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Read latest article by Matthew MacNeil, our Director of Standards and Technology on “Canada’s new Cyber Security Program for SMOs: An inside look at the development of Canada’s National Cyber Security Standard” featured in the Cyber Business Review

Small-and-medium organizations (SMO) are vulnerable to cyber attacks. With limited IT budgets and technical resources, SMOs are prime targets for bad actors. According to Statistics Canada: 19% of small businesses and 28% of medium businesses reported a cybersecurity incident in 2017. A key contributor to this issue is the lack of comprehensive and easy-to-implement guidance

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Read the latest article by Matthew MacNeil, our Director of Standards and Technology on “How National Standards are Shaping the Digital Economy” featured in the Cyber Business Review.

Some industry leaders of the Canadian information and communications technology ecosystem understand how standards are shaping our digital economy and the critical role they play in developing them as technology experts. Here is an insider’s look at how National Standards of Canada are developed by the CIO Strategy Council as a Standards Council of Canada

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CIO Strategy Council Announces New National Standard for Digital Trust and Identity

OTTAWA, September 2, 2020 – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce the publication of a new National Standard of Canada for digital trust and identity.   Increasingly, organizations are needing to assert and consume digital identity with trust and confidence, for the purposes of delivering products or services.   The National Standard of Canada, CAN/CIOSC 103-1, Digital trust and identity

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CIO Strategy Council Advances Development of a Series of Data Centric National Standards for Connected Cities

TORONTO, August 10, 2020 – Estimates by the UN indicate that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s total population will be living in cities. Due to these urbanization trends, cities across the globe are faced with the challenge to balance technological advances, increased infrastructure demand, economic factors, and the well-being of their citizens. Canadian cities are equally in need

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