Forging a new path to access highly qualified artificial intelligence and big data professionals

TORONTO – Today, the CIO Strategy Council struck a new technical committee to develop standards for the qualification of artificial intelligence and big data personnel following its Standards Policy Committee’s most recent meeting on June 5th, 2019.

“Our rapidly shifting, global economy – one that is increasingly leveraging big data and artificial intelligence- requires skills and professionals with new and cutting-edge knowledge.” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council and Chair of the Council’s Standards Policy Committee. “However, while the need for skilled professionals in these areas keeps growing, global studies indicate that the training of new professionals isn’t occurring at the pace needed to keep up with global demand.”

The proposed standard will be a first of its kind, providing an international benchmark. It will act as a catalyst to support future certification and credentialing programs at the national, regional and international level to result in the development of highly skilled AI and ML professionals.

“With more companies and governments than ever integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into their organizations, the need for qualified professionals is growing faster than ever. Organizations are struggling to find experienced specialists to join their teams” said Eric Rancourt, Director General, Strategic Data Management Branch at Statistics Canada. “Efforts have been undertaken by governments, including agencies like Statistics Canada, the School of Public Service and the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada, academic institutions, and industry to address the skills gap in Canada and by working together, smaller companies, larger enterprises and the government alike will greatly benefit from a common set of requirements for the qualifications of big data and machine learning personnel to develop or hire qualified talent.”

The CIO Strategy Council’s new technical committee will develop minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform big data analytics and develop machine learning algorithms. Interested stakeholders are highly encouraged to join this important work and to help shape this new standard.



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About CIO Strategy Council’s Standards Policy Committee
The Standards Policy Committee governs the Council’s standardization policies, sets standardization priorities and is responsible for coordinating standards development activities by establishing technical committees and approving new standards work.

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