CIO Strategy Council Becomes a Founding Member of a Global Cooperative Network of Standards Bodies Focused on Ethical AI

OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is proud to announce its role as a Founding Member of the Open Community for Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (OCEANIS).

As an open community and cooperative network of standards bodies, OCEANIS will play a critical role in facilitating ever-important coordination and collaboration among stakeholders concerning the extraordinary challenges facing ICT standards development, fueled by the rapid rate of technology development and digitization.

OCEANIS will provide a high-level global forum for discussion, debate and collaboration for organizations that are interested in the development and use of standards to further the advancement of autonomous and intelligent systems.

Through collaboration, members of OCEANIS will share information and coordinate on initiatives to enhance understanding around the critical role that standards can play in facilitating innovation and addressing the ethical use of big data and artificial intelligence.

The CIO Strategy Council looks forward to participating on the Steering Committee, working collectively with members to achieve the common directive to contribute to new strategies and practical solutions that will ultimately help safeguard human dignity and autonomy for Canadians, and citizens across the globe.


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