CIO Strategy Council Announces Keith Jansa as Executive Director

OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Jansa as its new Executive Director. In his previous role as Vice President of Standards and Innovation, Jansa led the CIOSC’s standards work and provided strategic leadership and insight on emerging technological trends and CIOSC-led initiatives.

“Under Keith’s dedicated leadership, I am confident that the CIO Strategy Council will continue to thrive. He is committed to delivering strong value to Council members, leading several initiatives, including standards setting and the development of a work-integrated learning program on machine learning and artificial intelligence, a drive that will benefit all Canadians” said Alex Benay, Chief Information Officer of Canada. “As Executive Director, he will ensure the Council continues to strongly represent our members and is a key voice in how new technologies are integrated into our government, businesses, and everyday lives.”

“Keith is poised to advance the vision of the CIO Strategy Council and build on the momentum of the organization. The role of the Chief Information Officer has never been more strategic. CIOs have a critical role to play in shaping Canada’s digital future and in harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence for the common good. The Council provides a forum that brings Canada’s CIOs together to share best practices and to shape and influence how technology and data is used, applied and shared” said Jim Balsillie, Co-Chair, CIO Strategy Council. “CIO Strategy Council members are working collectively together to provide much needed leadership and action to ensure Canada succeeds in the innovation economy.”

“It is an honour to lead such a forward-thinking organization at a crucial time in the information technology sector. We are living in a data driven economy – an economy unlike any we’ve seen before” said Jansa. “When it comes to data governance, the future of work and cyber, Canada cannot afford to take a backseat. We must show leadership to create the digital society that we want, which includes the right mix of initiatives, rules and standards that reflect our core values and protect our national interest.”

Jansa’s appointment is effective immediately, following the departure of Jenna Sudds, founding Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council, on the heels of her decisive win as City Councillor for Ward 4 in the Ottawa municipal election on October 22, 2018. Under Sudds’ leadership and strategic vision, the CIO Strategy Council’s membership grew exponentially, establishing a strong network of experienced CIOs from across the country working together to influence and shape the Canadian IT ecosystem.

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