CIO Strategy Council: an emerging international leader on developing standards for ethical use of AI and big data

In an era of constant technological change and evolution, the CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) is emerging as an international leader committed to spearheading the development of the first-ever globally-recognized standards for the ethical use of both artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

The importance of these standards is not to be under-estimated. AI and big data will drive how Canadians work, play, and live their lives. Working under a common framework for the ethical use of AI and data will be critical not only for our future economy but how we function as a society.

To foster collaboration and unite all leaders in this space, the CIOSC has struck two technical committees to inform and drive the standards forward. Through the work of these committees, we will ensure Canada is an international leader in one of the most significant issues of our time.

When fully developed, through an open national forum and dialogue with this country’s top experts, the standards will be a game-changer, giving the Canadian ICT ecosystem and the economy a competitive edge.

We are collectively shaping and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem, transforming the way governments, businesses, and private citizens think about the future of work, and tackling important issues that transcend the ability of any one person or organization. With disruptive technologies and a limitless future, action is needed on developing the standards that will guide how AI and big data will be used and to whose benefit. CIO Strategy Council is leading the way. The future is now.

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