CIO Strategy Council Announces Partnership with Innovate Cities


New Partnership Will Aim to Develop Standards for Urban Technologies



TORONTO, ON. The CIO Strategy Council is proud to announce it has joined forces with Innovate Cities, a not-for-profit organization that brings together Canadian thought leaders and innovators to tackle the development of new urban technologies.

As part of this newly announced collaboration, the CIO Strategy Council will help develop national standards around the integration of new urban technologies into working cities . These new Canadian standards, fit for global use, will aim to specify minimum requirements for the acceptable and responsible use of data across the entire data value chain, including in the context of its availability, quality, collection, usability, consistency, integrity and security and focus on ensuring the responsible use of data to protect the interests and privacy of all Canadians. The CIO Strategy Council Executive Director, Keith Jansa also joins the inaugural Innovate Cities Board of Directors.

“I am pleased to join a group of passionate industry leaders and innovators as a board member of Innovate Cities” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “Standards are and will remain critical for the future development and growth of data-driven cities.”

“We are at the start of an incredible journey that will bring together a coalition of innovators dedicated to creating safer, more accessible, energy-efficient spaces that benefit all of our citizens,” said Mikele Brack, Executive Director of Innovate Cities. “Canadians are thirsty for sustainable, responsible development that ensures the interests of Canadians are well protected and that our innovations meet the highest of standards.”

This new first-of-its-kind collaboration will see the CIO Strategy Council, Innovate Cities and other Canadian organizations join forces in the creation of a fully integrated CommunityHub platform for start-ups, scale-ups and large companies to work collaboratively and develop new solutions that enhance our communities. Together, we will also roll out CommunityWorks, a series of programs aimed at building expertise and capacity for the urban innovation community.

“As a nation of innovators and the home to some of the world’s most liveable cities, Canada is well positioned to be a global leader in the creation of working communities,” concluded Hugh O’Reilly, Chairman of Innovate Cities. “Through the partnerships we build today, we can transform our spaces while growing our economy and creating the jobs of the future.”


About CIO Strategy Council

The CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) provides a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking chief information officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping, and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. Learn more at

About Innovate Cities

Innovate Cities is a not-for-profit, Canadian-led network of innovators.  We bring together Canadian industry leaders and innovators to accelerate new technologies applied to urban environments in a manner that protects data and preserves privacy. Our Mission is to position Canada as the global leader in the development and deployment of responsible, ethical, thoughtful technology for the built environment – buildings, infrastructure, utilities – which we interact with daily, while creating economic opportunities. We accomplish this through a highly collaborative model, led by our innovation cluster, to both inform technology design through setting trusted standards, and accelerate technology scale-up and commercialization.


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CIO Strategy Council publishes National Standard of Canada for Automated Decision Systems

This new standard sets international benchmarks for the ethical design and use of automated decision systems


OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce the approval and publication of a new National Standard of Canada that will help organizations design and implement responsible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Over the course of a year, the Council engaged over 100 thought leaders and experts across the country to create the world’s first consensus-based standard on ethical design and use of automated decision systems.

This Standard goes beyond a common set of aspirational principles. It provides a framework and process that can be both measured and tested for conformity, providing consumers with confidence in the technologies that are providing information, recommendations, or making decisions using AI and machine learning.

“Having this framework will allow us to bring a sense of order and apply a common yardstick of integrity against our implementation approach and value-based outcomes” said Philip Armstrong, Executive Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer of Great West Life Co.

The Standard is intended for all organizations, including public and private companies, government entities, and not-for-profit organizations.

“Working under a common framework for the ethical use of AI and data is critical, not only for our economy, but for how we function as a society” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “Canada remains poised as a global leader in setting the appropriate guardrails to drive the development and commercialization of responsible AI technologies.”

Earning its accreditation to develop National Standards of Canada from the Standards Council of Canada earlier this year, the CIO Strategy Council, through its agile, open-by-default, consensus-based approach, has accelerated the standards-setting process in Canada to match the speed of innovation and advancement in ICT – developing new standards in the public interest in months, not years, and making them readily available at no cost to Canadian companies and individuals.

This National Standard of Canada for automated decision systems is available to the public in both official languages and at no cost. To access a copy of the Standard, visit our page here.



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CIO Strategy Council


CIO Strategy Council and the Information Technology Association of Canada Announce Strategic Partnership to Scale Responsible Technology and Business Growth in Canada

OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) to advance responsible technology and scale-up national business growth.


“Technological disruption, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, complex robotics, innovation and the skills revolution are no longer simply buzzwords for the 21st century – they are fundamentally changing societies” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “The CIO Strategy Council is proud to be working in partnership with ITAC to forge new paths to scale Canadian innovation and skills development.”


“The current Canadian headlines say it all; Canada has so much work to do to drive the aggressive growth of our tech scale-ups, along with establishing a tech ecosystem of trust in our nation,” added Angela Mondou, president and CEO, ITAC. “ We are running out of time.  No single entity can take on this battle alone.  This partnership between ITAC and the CIO Strategy Council will address the many issues and barriers impacting Canada’s tech growth, with an action-oriented focus on enabling our scale-ups and on driving a responsible technology environment where protection of our data is arguably the biggest challenge of our time.  We are excited about this partnership that brings together great technology and government leaders across Canada, and the change we will make together.”


This partnership aims to advance knowledge, expertise and collaboration among public and private sector CIOs and technology leaders across all sectors of the economy. By working together, the Council and ITAC will drive the creation of intellectual capital to advance digital innovation through the identification and delivery of collaborative standards projects, use cases, pilots, and proofs of concepts.




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A Partnership for Smart City Digital Public Infrastructure

OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Open City Network (OCN) to advance Canada’s digital public infrastructure.

“The evolving technology landscape has transformed the way in which data can be accessed, used and monetized in our cities” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “This raises questions surrounding the governance of data that are in need of answers.”

Through this work, the Open City Network and CIO Strategy Council will establish a series of formal standards for the governance and exchange of data in the smart city space.

“These standards will be a key part of the digital public infrastructure that will underpin smart cities in Canada. They’ll drive government innovation and unlock new economic, social and democratic good,” said Andy Best, Executive Director of the Open City Network. “We are proud to partner with the CIO Strategy Council in developing these much needed standards.”


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Madi Murariu

CIO Strategy Council

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Forging a new path to access highly qualified artificial intelligence and big data professionals

TORONTO – Today, the CIO Strategy Council struck a new technical committee to develop standards for the qualification of artificial intelligence and big data personnel following its Standards Policy Committee’s most recent meeting on June 5th, 2019.

“Our rapidly shifting, global economy – one that is increasingly leveraging big data and artificial intelligence- requires skills and professionals with new and cutting-edge knowledge.” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council and Chair of the Council’s Standards Policy Committee. “However, while the need for skilled professionals in these areas keeps growing, global studies indicate that the training of new professionals isn’t occurring at the pace needed to keep up with global demand.”

The proposed standard will be a first of its kind, providing an international benchmark. It will act as a catalyst to support future certification and credentialing programs at the national, regional and international level to result in the development of highly skilled AI and ML professionals.

“With more companies and governments than ever integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into their organizations, the need for qualified professionals is growing faster than ever. Organizations are struggling to find experienced specialists to join their teams” said Eric Rancourt, Director General, Strategic Data Management Branch at Statistics Canada. “Efforts have been undertaken by governments, including agencies like Statistics Canada, the School of Public Service and the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada, academic institutions, and industry to address the skills gap in Canada and by working together, smaller companies, larger enterprises and the government alike will greatly benefit from a common set of requirements for the qualifications of big data and machine learning personnel to develop or hire qualified talent.”

The CIO Strategy Council’s new technical committee will develop minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform big data analytics and develop machine learning algorithms. Interested stakeholders are highly encouraged to join this important work and to help shape this new standard.




For expressions of interest in joining the technical committee, please contact:
Madi Murariu
VP, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
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About CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council provides a national forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking chief information officers to collectively transform, shape, and influence the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. Learn more at


About CIO Strategy Council’s Standards Policy Committee
The Standards Policy Committee governs the Council’s standardization policies, sets standardization priorities and is responsible for coordinating standards development activities by establishing technical committees and approving new standards work.

CIO Strategy Council earns accreditation to develop National Standards of Canada

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is pleased to announce it has accredited the CIO Strategy Council to develop National Standards of Canada. The CIO Strategy Council is made up of Chief Information Officers who are innovators in their organizations. Developing standards is part of the Council’s mission to support Canada’s information and communication technology (ICT) ecosystem to give Canadian organizations a competitive edge.

The CIO Strategy Council is currently driving the development of standards for the ethical use of data and artificial intelligence (AI). As an accredited SDO, it will be able to submit standards to SCC for acceptance as National Standards of Canada.

“Standards play a critical role in the data-driven economy,” said Jim Balsillie, co-chair of the CIO Strategy Council. “SCC’s accreditation will help our members — industry leaders, engineers and business executives — create standards that advance Canada in important economic and non-economic areas such as security, digital rights and many others.”

The CIO Strategy Council is the 11th SDO to be accredited by SCC, which means that an increasing number of standards will be developed here in Canada, in a range of sectors vital to Canada’s economic growth.

“We congratulate the CIO Strategy Council for completing the rigorous and important process of SCC accreditation,” said SCC Chief Executive Officer Chantal Guay. “Standardization solutions are an essential element of technology, innovation and trade, and supporting Canadian innovators is a key priority we share with this newly-accredited SDO.”

About the Standards Council of Canada
SCC is a Crown corporation that leads Canada’s standardization network. SCC facilitates the development and use of national and international standards and accreditation services in order to enhance Canada’s competitiveness and well-being. SCC is part of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada portfolio. To learn more about SCC, please visit

About the CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council is a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking Chief Information Officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. For more information about the CIO Strategy Council go to

CIO Strategy Council Announces Keith Jansa as Executive Director

OTTAWA – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Jansa as its new Executive Director. In his previous role as Vice President of Standards and Innovation, Jansa led the CIOSC’s standards work and provided strategic leadership and insight on emerging technological trends and CIOSC-led initiatives.
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A Partnership to Improve Machine Learning and AI Opportunities for Canadians

TORONTO – The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) to collaborate on the development and implementation of a work-integrated learning (WIL) pilot program for Canada’s ICT sector.

This partnership will combine the Council’s wealth of ICT knowledge with the BHER’s breadth of experience and leadership in the higher education space to develop and pilot a new national machine learning and AI internship program that will address the current talent gap in Canada.
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We’re hiring! Vice President Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

The CIO Strategy Council recognizes the challenging market conditions and stress disruptive technologies and game changers like the future of work are putting on our governments, businesses and citizens, as well as the need to respond with leadership. That’s why this is such an exciting and critical role in Canada’s future. This high-visibility, high-accountability role builds and manages strategic relationships and serves as an effective change agent working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to fulfil the Council’s mandate. Read more

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Without standards, we’d have not benchmarks for success, no product-safety security, no common technology unifying global markets and certainly no opportunity for competition to thrive…