CIO Strategy Council and the Internet Society Canada Chapter Join Forces to Tackle Issues in IoT Security for Consumers

TORONTO, January 22, 2020 – The CIO Strategy Council and the Internet Society Canada Chapter (ISCC) today announced a new partnership to advance standards of practice for IoT security for consumers.

“As the ubiquitous nature of connected sensors and endpoints increases, questions surrounding security, data collection, privacy, use and trust are becoming central to conversations regarding the future of Canada’s IoT ecosystem. The explosive growth of IoT is posing significant risks to network infrastructure and to everything attached to it,” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council.  “We are pleased to join alongside with the Internet Society to work together with thought leaders and experts in devising new standards, approaches and best practices to protect consumer privacy and secure data assets without stifling IoT-related innovation.”

The CIO Strategy Council also joins the Internet Society Canada Chapter Mitigating Consumer Cyber Threats’ project.

“With the ever-increasing role of Chief Information Officers in protecting Canadians, the CIO Strategy Council provides an essential forum to strengthen the integrity of an interdependent IT ecosystem. ISCC is excited about how this partnership will enhance much needed multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement by civil society in mitigating consumer cyber threats,” said Franca Palazzo, Executive Director of the Internet Society Canada Chapter.

About CIO Strategy Council

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About the Internet Society

The Internet Society – Canada Chapter is one of 160 active chapters around the globe advocating for an affordable, accessible and safe Internet for everyone. The Canada Chapter is actively bringing together thought leaders and interested users to develop positions on proposed Canadian legislation that affects the affordability, accessibility, fairness and security of the internet, as well as providing educational and engagement opportunities Learn more at


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